Terps, terps, everywhere; in the stain on wooded stair, in the shampoo in your hair; in the magic of your bong, in the trichomes, thick and strong
Smell them here and taste them there, terps, terps, everywhere…

COMING SOON – 11/01/21

THE BIG BOOK OF TERPS – Understanding Terpenes, Flavonoids, & Synergy in Cannabis – by Russ Hudson

The Big Book of Terps is the world’s largest resource on terpenes and flavonoids in cannabis, with more than 600 pages, 1,400+ citations, 150,000+ words, 51 Quizzes and Answer Key, 1 Final Exam and Answer Key,  and 100+ custom graphs, gifs (available online), charts, and other images.   This significant work includes information not previously known to the cannabis industry, as well as several discoveries not previously reported in scientific literature.  Written by cannabis researcher and consultant Russ Hudson, with images by  Gloria Fuentes, PhD (Molecular Biologist), The Big Book of Terps required more than 3 years of intensive research to compile and dissect and features commentary by top cannabinoid and terpene researchers including Raphael Mechoulam, Ethan Russo, Susan Trapp, Mitch Earleywine, and others.

The Big Book of Terps includes detailed information about the top 35 terpenes found in cannabis, as well as the top 12 flavonoids, with a primary focus on evidence for synergy between these compounds and cannabinoids, which are a class of terpenes called diterpenes.  Content includes:

  • 35 Chapters on Individual Terpenes & Terpenoids
  • 12 Chapters on Individual Flavonoids
  • 1 Plant Sterol Chapter
  • Terpenes 101
  • Flavonoids 101
  • Cannabinoids 101
  • Synergy in Cannabis
  • Cannabis Breeding, Cultivation, & Processing for Terpene & Flavonoid Manipulation
  • Terp Tsars – Biographies of Leading Scientists in Terpenes & Flavonoids.
  • Foreword by Mitch Earleywine, PhD
  • 1,400+ Full, In-Page Citations for Immediate Review
  • 100+ Custom charts, graphs, images, and more 
  • 51 Quizzes with Answer Key
  • 1 Final Exam with Answer Key
  • Commentary from the world’s leading terpene scientists including Mechoulam, Russo, and Trapp. 

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